Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tube
The screw cap microcentrifuge tubes and caps are made of autoclavable polypropylene. They have a flat skirt which allows the tubes to be free standing. The interior bottom of the tube is conical. The volume of the tubes is 2.0 ml and the color is natural.
Screw caps are available with and without "O" rings. The screw caps seal liquid tight without the "O" ring but are gas tight with the "O" rings. The "O" rings caps are available in multiple colors for easy sample identification and dating.
Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tube
Catalog# Description Package Type Tubes/Catalog# Price
6550 Microcentrifuge tube Plastic bag 1000 US$ 50.00
Screw Caps for Microcentrifuge Tubes
Catalog# Description Color "O" Ring Caps/Catalog# Price
6570 Cap Red No 1000 US$ 53.00
6580 Cap Red Yes 1000 US$ 74.00
6581 Cap Blue Yes 1000 US$ 74.00
6582 Cap Green Yes 1000 US$ 74.00
6583 Cap Yellow Yes 1000 US$ 74.00