RNase/DNase Free Micro Tubes
These microtubes have been tested and certified to be free of RNase and DNase. They are made of polypropylene and are natural in color. Each tube is graduated and has a flat snap cap. There is a frosted area on the tube for writing. The tubes are manufactured with our "Low Adhesion" resin which minimizes liquid retention and allows for maximum sample yield.

For the 2.0ml Microtube, centriguges that develop heat may damage this tube. It is designed for short runs with no more than 13,000xG in centrifuges with adequate ventilation.
RNase/DNase Free Microcentrifuge Tubes
Catalog# Volume (ml) Tubes/Catalog# Price
3200 0.6 1000 US$ 40.00
3220 1.5 500 US$ 23.00
3240 2.0 500 US$ 30.00