Transfer Pipets
Safe, Easy Liquid Transfer
*attached bulb avoids cross-contamination
*low-affinity surface keeps retention to a minimum
*one step biohazard disposal
*can be frozen in liquid nitrogen
*made from shatterproof, inert polyethylene
*sterile and non-sterile available

No more leaky bulbs, no more searching for lost bulbs. Simply reach into the dispenser box and you will have a chemically clean transfer pipet ready to use. Excellent for blood banking, diluting, serum removal, aliquoting. The polyethylene material is chemically inert and pliable so that most solvents will not affect either the performance or cause dimensional changes.All transfer pipets are made from low-density polyethylene. This material is inert, non-toxic and has a low affinity surface. We have many designs available, each one designed to make lab procedures easier. Biohazard disposal is simplified as the pipets can be placed in the Bio-Hazard disposal bag for one step disposal. The pipets can be frozen in liquid nitrogen.

The pipets can be purchased by the individual box (quantities vary by pipet type) or by the case. Purchasing by the case offers even greater savings.