PerfectorTip Disposable Pipet Tips

Premium Pipettor Tips

Our pipettor tips are unique in several ways: We take the greatest pride possible in offering you the highest quality disposable plasticware available. The injection molding machines are checked after each run and each molded plastic piece is visually inspected. We use only the finest, virgin polypropylene. All of our dyes are organic (no metallic dyes) and will not leach into your sample. Plus all of our tips are made in the USA!

Guaranteed To Fit your pipettor!

PerfectorTips are guaranteed to form an airtight seal on your pipettor barrel and allow ejectors to work well.

Guaranteed Excellent Performance!

Highly accurate intake and dispensing of samples to the maximum specification of your pipettor.

Always in Stock!

We keep a large inventory so that we can ship your orders quickly. Most orders are shipped the same day that we receive your order.