Scintillation and Storage Vials


Securi-Vials are excellent for scintillation counting as they have a low background count and are clear enough for specimen viewing and fill checking. They hold up to 7ml and have a dimpled bottom for use with filter paper counting. They are also very good for all types of sample preparation and storage. The vials are strong enough for storage in your coldest freezer.

Our white threaded caps have a specially designed threading. It is only a half turn from full, sealed closure to cap removal. This makes it much easier for use, especially when you have many samples to do.

Securi-Vials are available in bulk packs. The bulk pack contains 1,000 tubes and caps in ziplock bags.

A translucent plastic which is chemically resistant, autoclavable and virtually unbreakable.
Securi-Vial Scintillation Vials
Catalog# Description Packaging Qty/Pack Price/Pack
2140 Securi-Vial Bulk 1,000 vials and caps US$ 74.00